Getting Started With Member Solutions

Submitting a Member Agreement
The best practice for submitting a new or renewal membership is to enter the agreement online
via the Billing Website or your myVolo Website.

Benefits of submitting online:
Instant confirmation
Rapid activation
Automatically validates contract terms and pricing
Avoid delays in processing due to missing or illegible information
Online signature capture and contract storage (Available only in myVolo)

We also accept agreements by:
Mail:PO Box 297, Hatboro, PA 19040

NOTE: Please allow up to 3 business days for mailed or faxed member agreements to be processed.

We do not accept membership agreements via email as this is not a secure method of transmitting personal financial data. We take proactive measures to avoid any compromise in the personal information of your members.

Welcome Notification Sent To Your Members
Member Solutions sends an introductory welcome email to each new member and a payment reminder notification 5 days prior to their first payment due date. If a valid email address is not provided, a welcome letter will be mailed. Members who renew or automatically renew their memberships will receive welcome notifications in the same manner.

Email is fast. By obtaining member email addresses, we can send time-sensitive information (welcome notifications, past-due reminders) within minutes, not days. This statistically leads to better collection recovery rates when a member's account is past-due.

Document Management
Member Solutions scans and stores electronic images of pertinent member documents which include agreements and correspondence. All documents are available to you and your member's online and internally to our staff. To protect your member's personal security, only a portion of the credit card or bank account is viewable.

We may request a contract copy...
On occasion, a member will dispute a charge with their credit card company. We are notified by the credit card company and given a deadline to submit proof that the charge was valid in the form of a signed contract. We must comply by this deadline or the payment will be charged back (reversed).

If we have a signed contract on file, we will immediately submit it to the credit card company to prevent a charge back (reversal). If we do not have a signed contract on file, we will request one from you. The quicker we receive it, the better the chance we have to preserve the payment.

NOTE: Once the deadline set by the credit card company expires, we have no recourse to collect your funds.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance
Did you know? We are Level 1 PCI Compliant. Member Solutions is re-certified annually as a Level One Service Provider under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), the highest level of compliance.

What does that mean to you?
It means Member Solutions adheres to the most stringent certification requirements to secure your customers' personal financial information. The renewal certification was awarded after a comprehensive on-site and offsite production environment audit which included recurring network security scans, system penetration testing, extensive review of our systems and processes, and documented policies and procedures.

Bottom Line: Your customers' personal financial information is safe and secure with Member Solutions.

Your Contact Information
When we need to contact you or your staff, we will attempt to reach you by email and telephone at your business location, or any alternate contact number provided.

Contact Names
List all authorized personnel that we can contact to discuss your business account by completing the Business Authorized Contacts on the Servicing Options Form.

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Questions? Contact Client Services at
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